Author: Brad Ford

Vietnam War Still Rages Today

No, not in Vietnam where the restless population is now pacified and distracted by cheap electronic gadgetry.  Americans, however, haven’t moved far beyond the cultural upheaval of the 1960s, when the nascent broadcast media set out to transform US society.…


Kiowa Out, Lakota In

by Duke Doering June 1, 2013 this date in SDNG history, the OH-58 Kiowa helicopter made its final flight as a South Dakota National Guard aircraft yesterday afternoon. Yesterday, May 31, 2013,  the Army Aviation Support Facility members said goodbye…


Groupthink Is Biological

Groupthink is just another synonym for the way animals conform to their own kind.  Humans have found security and compass in adapting themselves to the herd instinct since the beginning.  Deliberately acting weird or maverick would have threatened the whole…