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If You Could See What I See

I have never understood…   … how (or why) people could hate other people because of their skin color. Love doesn’t understand it either.  I thank God regularly that He has given me a loving heart.  I can’t imagine what…


Has Senator Rand Paul Gone Mad?

He thinks Congress should READ bills before they vote on them!   That would be revolutionary! Nancy Pelosi described the process when she said, “We have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it”.  As ridiculous as that…


Send Veterans To Community Hospitals

Does VA hospitals adequately serve American Veterans? Many people would agree, the answer is “No”. Is the taxpayer getting sufficient bang for the buck?  Again, the answer is “No”.  We spend about $180 Billion dollars per year to fund the VA…


Improving Longhorn Cattle With IVF

Serious Longhorn producers are using modern technology. Mating the best cow with the best bull has always been part of herd improvement.  When the best bull wasn’t available for live cover, artificial insemination became widely popular.  Still, that only provided…


Help For Woman In Trouble

Vickie’s life was in turmoil.   She, her husband and their two children were living with his parents.  They had moved in with them nearly a year ago when he got fired for drinking on his job.  He just couldn’t…


Christians: Sit Down And Shut Up

That’s the message being sent by the media and the left. Political discourse continue to get nastier and meaner. Instead of looking at the root cause, Leftists, Pundits and even well-meaning conservatives are calling for a cease-fire.  Chris Wallace (who…