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Islam: Friend or Foe?

Would you like the TRUTH about Islam? Do Christians and Muslims worship the same God? Were the Crusades simply unprovoked attacks by Western barbarian Christian fanatics upon peaceful Muslims?  Should Americans be worried about Sharia law? You have a rare…


Jail, Drugs And Pregnant

Paula’s life was a real mess.   She was just released from jail for drug use.  While she was there, Paula had a pregnancy test that confirmed she was pregnant.  She had used the morning after pill on several occasions…


An Evening With Col. John Eidsmoe

 A remarkable American. Michele Bachmann studied under Eidsmoe, and described him as “One of the professors who had a great influence on me”.  Bachmann also served as his research assistant on the his book, Christianity and the Constitution.  If you are able to…


24/7 Trump Watch

Since he entered the race for President… … There has been a media fixation with Donald Trump. If he has not been the lead story, he is still some sort of significant portion of every news report.  There has not…


Would You Save This Child?

“This child” is the next one. You might be asking what I mean. Please indulge me for just a couple minutes.  Listed below are the real-life stories of women in a real-life crisis.  Every day, the Pregnancy Help Center is…


Your Banker May Kill You

But it isn’t his fault. Killing you… financially. The Federal Government has turned your banker into a financial hit-man.  Here’s how it works: You have faithfully made your mortgage payments for years.  Your credit score is excellent.  You only owe…