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Deal… No Deal

Government regulation of healthcare. First, the failed Hillary Care.  Then the failed Obama Care. Now, it’s Ryan/Trump Care. Reports are swirling about a “deal” with conservatives in the House that will enable Republican leadership to pass this bill. There’s still…


Embryo Calves More Valuable

The Longhorn cattle market is booming. With a new world record sales price of $380,000.00 for a Longhorn cow, don’t expect prices to settle any time soon. It’s all about genetics and performance.  When those two things come together, incredible…


Giving To The Gospel

Sow a seed, reap a harvest. That is a Scriptural principle. Unfortunately, I think it is a principle that is being perverted by some well-known preachers. For the record, I believe in giving with an expectation that God will return…


Pregnant, Conflicted And Alone

 Emily was 32 years old. Both her mother and father came with her to the appointment at the Pregnancy Help Center.  That was unusual for a woman of this age. During her meeting with the client advocate, Emily shared that she…