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The Blue Wall

Wildfires, drought, brief torrential rains, unusual temperatures – the Blue Wall. In a recent statement, California’s governor, Jerry Brown, claims all these maladies are being caused by President’s Trump’s stance on climate change. How could anyone expect anything less coming…


God Is… My Shepherd

God “is” “My Shepherd”. “Is” meaning ; “existing in this moment of time“, and “the substance, characteristics, and/or character of a thing”. God “is” a “right now”, “in this moment” God; alive, active and available to us. His “substance”, “characteristics”,…


Alabama Senate Race… Not Over Yet

Judge Roy Moore isn’t conceding. Maybe that’s a long shot.  Maybe not. He says he is waiting for the final vote count, which would include absentee military ballots.  Election night returns show a slim victory for Jones, of about 20,000…


The Perfect President

Donald Trump? Hardly. Just ask any Leftist or establishment Republican.  They have a list.  Some actually contain deficiencies, character flaws and behavior that are factually accurate.  Many are not.  Regardless, most people… even Trump supporters will readily agree that he…