Duplicitous Daugaard Deals in Deception

Back in February, I first told you of Duplicitous Daugaard. Since then he’s been steady at work proving my point.


Permit me to relate a telephone conversation with Dusty Johnson in January as I was driving home from Pierre. I had called the Governor’s office to enquire if the Governor was aware of the treachery being employed by the Republican House leadership bullying the Legislative Research Council (LRC) to compromise the legislation contemplated by conservative legislators. Surely, I thought the Governor might enquire as to what those power-hungry “leaders” were trying to pull. I was informed emphatically that the Governor does not meddle in the affairs of the Legislature, by his Chief of Staff Johnson. That was, of course, less than truthful.


Duplicitous Daugaard continues to this day to repeat that he is opposed to ObamaCare. That is, of course, less than truthful as he has dispatched his legion of taxpayer-funded lobbyists to testify against every legislative attempt to oppose ObamaCare in South Dakota.


Duplicitous Daugaard also professes to support 2nd Amendment rights in South Dakota.   That is, of course, less than truthful as he has dispatched his legion of taxpayer-funded lobbyists to testify against a true Constitutional carry bill and vetoed a pro-gun bill this very year.


How does one characterize his latest folly……the endorsement of Senate Republican PRIMARY candidates, as anything but meddling with the make-up of the Legislature?


When Representative Mark Kirkeby (District 35) declared earlier this year at a public meeting that the Governor was the “Supreme Being” of the Republican Party, I guess Daugaard took it seriously.


In any case, I have decided to revise my title of the Governor from this day forward to Duplicitous Deceptive Daugaard.


I can’t wait to see what DDD has up his sleeve that would cause him to try to shape the Senate to his liking.



***Ed Randazzo, is a nationally syndicated author. He has been a conservative activist and consultant for over 30 years and is currently the Chief News Editor of Life and Liberty Media and Co-Producer of Liberty Today, a weekly television program seen on cable systems in most of South Dakota***


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