Senator Adelstein Blasts Secretary of State

Editor’s Note: We received this letter from South Dakota State Senator Stan Adelstein (District 32) along with his request to publish it. 

Senator Adelstein’s Letter:


Fellow Republicans


Secretary of State Gant is totally out of order, endorsing a former power broker House member against a seated Republican State Senator in a Primary!!


He is supposed to be the chief election official, and under that guise has been asking for data not required by law from all candidates.  Pretending to “help” he suggests that each candidate send him all of their campaign financial data, and he will put it together for them and ” help” by filing their final report as required by law. All of the data that they send is NOT required BY LAW – only the final report.


This is all handled by his henchman, former blogger (who used anonymous dishonest data), Pat Powers – any way Powers sees fit.


If you live in District 4, be sure -absolutely sure – that you vote in the Primary.  Vote for YOUR candidate Tim Begalka, NOT Gant’s candidate.  The hour is late and time is critical!! If you live outside that district contact everyone you know that does.


Written from Charlottesville, Virginia after a wonderful day with two of my grandchildren at Monticello, hours speaking together and cherishing the spirit of Jefferson.  We all must act true to his teaching and values.

State Senator Stan Adelstein District 32


Stanford Adelstein is a Republican member of the South Dakota State Senate, representing District 32. Senator Adelstein served in the South Dakota State House of Representatives from 2001 to 2005. He joined the South Dakota State Senate in 2005 and served until 2007 having lost the Republican primary election in 2006. He was again elected in 2008 and has served in that position since 2009.

Adelstein is the President/CEO of Northwestern Engineering Company.


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