Obama’s Energy Policy Includes Crucifixion

Our nation is facing an energy crisis.  When fuel costs are leaving families broke and causing businesses to close their doors, it is the responsibility of our government officials to do what they can to help ease the financial burden for Americans from coast to coast who are struggling to make ends meet. 


When I heard about Al Almendariz, an EPA administrator’s comments about “crucifying” oil and gas companies I was once again reminded of how out of focus our current administration’s philosophy on energy is. 


These oil and gas companies that the administration wants to “crucify” are the same American companies that are putting Americans to work and adding wealth to our economy.  To crucify these companies is to not only crucify the livelihood of many Americans, but also to drive up the cost of energy even further. 


Unfortunately the EPA is not the only government entity going after energy companies.  The Obama Administration is pushing our members of Congress to increase the burden on these companies by raising their taxes and double taxing them for money they earn in foreign countries. 


Any businessperson, or any person with common sense for that matter, knows that when the cost of doing business goes up, so do the costs for consumers.  Raising taxes and regulatory burden on oil and gas companies is not the solution to our energy problems- it is the opposite.


Phil Jeneary has experience in campaign organization, sales and account management in the financial and insurance sectors. He has worked for former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney’s 2008 presidential campaign in Iowa and Florida. He also served as the Midwest Regional Chief of Staff for the McCain-Palin presidential campaign, working in several targeted states.

Phil holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science from Central College in Pella, IA.



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