Alabama First State to Nix Agenda 21

Alabama became the first state to adopt a tough law protecting private property and due process by prohibiting any government involvement with, or participation in, a controversial United Nations scheme known as Agenda 21.



Activists from across the political spectrum celebrated the measure’s approval as a significant victory against the UN “sustainability” plot, expressing hope that similar sovereignty-preserving measures would be adopted in other states as the nationwide battle heats up.



The Alabama Senate Bill (SB) 477, known unofficially among some supporters as the “Due Process for Property Rights” Act, was approved unanimously by both the state House and Senate.



After hesitating for a few days, late last month Republican Governor Robert Bentley finally signed into law the wildly popular measure — but only after heavy pressure from activists forced his hand.



I’m wondering why my state, South Dakota, wasn’t first.


Dawn Pence is a conservative activist and is the Vice President of the South Dakota Tea Party Alliance.


2 comments for “Alabama First State to Nix Agenda 21

  1. June 17, 2012 at 8:39 am

    …and do you have any quotes substantiating your claim that activists “from across the political spectrum” cheered this empty political gesture?

    • June 17, 2012 at 8:54 am

      Perhaps the author was trying to inspire you to do some research yourself or perhaps you have just encountered an author that is your student…..just make pronouncements and all the little madvillers will believe and then spew their imbecilic (and most often vile) personal attacks on anyone that disagrees with them. You really need to travel in better circles, Cory.

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