Obama’s SCOTUS Pyrrhic Victory

After further review, I now believe Chief Justice John Roberts should be lauded as a hero. The Constitution will survive. Obama’s bad bill and his Presidential reelection hopes, will not. With Roberts’ deciding vote to uphold ObamaCare, he simultaneously:

1. Gets Democrats to admit ObamaCare is a tax.

2. Saves Republicans 9 votes in the Senate to repeal the law, down to 51 from 60.

3. Eviscerates the power of the Commerce Clause, which allowed ObamaCare to be considered in the first place and was an open door to abuse of state’s rights.

4. Reenergizes a sleepy conservative base that was counting on the Supreme Court to make up for bad leadership and even worse legislation.

5. Exposes state level leaders who had been banking on number four to keep them from having to take a substantive stand against big government.

6. Keeps the Catholic Church engaged in a fight to defend religious rights and against abortion.

7. Makes it utterly ridiculous for Barack Obama to run as a tax cutting candidate.

8. Kept in place a policy that will mean an absolute hiring freeze in the private sector at the very time Obama needs improvement in his faux unemployment numbers to stay in office.

9. Allowed a “liberal” justice (Anthony Kennedy) to slap his own party for being so far out of touch with Constitutional rule.

10. Gave Conservatives a few needed hours of very cathartic ‘scream therapy,’ exorcising months and years of Obama fatigue.

Make no mistake, the cost to Roberts personally is very high.  I believe, as the smoke clears and the pundit puffery recedes, the positive connotations of what Roberts accomplished will emerge as an even more significant legacy than the decision, the horrible law or the misguided President who crafted it.  Roberts very clearly redefined that states must give their consent before allowing any law, no matter how bad, to be leveled by the Federal Government.  He also made it impossible for stealth taxation, (other than inflationary monetary policy) to be snuck past an unsuspecting electorate.  (Is there any other kind?)  Striking down the entirety of the law was likely a voting impossibility.  Roberts made the savvy and nuanced ruling that paints large government proponents into a much smaller corner.


I believe the day will come when Barack Obama and Company rue the day of their precious Supreme Court ‘victory.’ It is very likely they won the battle and lost the war on the same courthouse steps. That is, if Obama’s Hawaiian birth certificate doesn’t get him, first.  After all, there’s a Chief Justice with a freebie just waiting for a case like that.


Shad Olson is an Emmy Award-winning television anchor and radio host in Rapid City, South Dakota.  The Shad Olson Show is broadcast daily over a network of radio stations and streaming video websites in more than 140 cities and 28 states.  He is a published fiction author, journalist and regular contributor to multiple internet sources, including Life and Liberty Media.



5 comments for “Obama’s SCOTUS Pyrrhic Victory

  1. June 29, 2012 at 8:15 am

    Pyhhric? Wishful thinking. You guys got creamed by the Supreme Court this week. You want to spend the whole election talking health care? Go ahead. We’ll lay out the practical and patriotic benefits taking care of each other, and we will win. Four More Years!

    • June 29, 2012 at 1:41 pm

      Every dog has his day, and today is yours, Scooby. The sad part is that you got creamed too, you just don’t know it yet.

    • June 29, 2012 at 2:10 pm


      Quoting your Fuhrer again, I see? And I’m not talking about Obama this time. Hitler himself repeatedly railed on the importance of ‘sacrifice,’ (Opfern!) and ‘shared burden,’ (Geteilte Bürde!) in building, “The Fatherland.” Touching slogans about “taking care of each other,” always make for wonderful speeches and propaganda films, right up to the lighting of the ovens and the slat-sided railcars with padlocked doors filled with those who must be sacrificed for the good of all. There are many who will be similarly “taken care of,” if history is not heeded. Perhaps, given your fervency for the ideology, you’d willingly volunteer?

      And it’s correctly spelled pyrrhic, as in the headline. A victory with losses so great that ultimate defeat is unavoidable.

      The Stamp Act looked like a victory for King George III, too. The response that followed is a portion of historical outcome that would be a welcome eventuality.

    • June 29, 2012 at 9:28 pm

      There simply is no “patriotic” benefit to stealing from your fellow Americans and robbing them of their freedom. Nor is shredding your country’s Constitution. Only in a deluded Marxist is such reprehensible behavior “patriotic.”

      You should try doing things the American way, the Biblical way, as we did for most of our nation’s history, when people helped people in need, rather than enlisting a government thug to steal from someone else to give things to them whether they need them or not.

  2. Gordon Howie
    June 29, 2012 at 6:49 am

    Perfectly “out of the park” Shad! You nailed it!

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