Gun News From North Dakota

While some states are restricting gun ownership, Noth Dakota is taking the lead in protecting second amendment rights.

..”This week, several bills of importance to gun owners, sportsmen and supporters of the Second Amendment passed in the state House: House Bill 1467,

sponsored bystate Representative Karen Karls (R-35), is emergency powers protection legislation that would prohibit the state or any government agency, during a declared state of emergency, from prohibiting or restricting the otherwise lawful possession, use, carrying, transfer, transportation, storage, or display of a firearm or ammunition; seizure or confiscation of a lawfully possessed firearm; or requiring registration of a firearm or ammunition for which registration is not otherwise required by law. (Passed by a 76-1 vote in the House)


House Bill 1366, sponsored by state Representative Rick Becker (R-7), would amend current law to allow individuals with a valid concealed weapons license (CWL) to possess a firearm at public gatherings including athletic events, political rallies, musical concerts, in publically owned parks and buildings, and in churches or schools with permission from the appropriate authority.  Currently possession by a CWL holder at these events is a class B misdemeanor.   (Passed by a 58-35 vote in the House)

 House Bill 1183, sponsored by state Representative Roscoe Streyle (R-3), would prohibit state and local law enforcement officers and agents from assisting the federal government enforce federal gun control laws passed after January 1, 2013.  (Passed by a 50-42 vote in the House)

Three cheers for these North Dakota heroes!!


***Gordon Howie is a nationally syndicated author, host of Liberty Today TV and CEO of Life and Liberty Media***


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