How American Conservatives Can Tame the Liberal Media Monster – By Shad Olson

Presidential campaigns are well known for producing catch phrases that often saturate the public consciousness so thoroughly that they outlive the service and the legacy of the candidates they advance. Who can forget, “Tippecanoe and Tyler Too,” “I Like Ike,” “Win One for the Gipper,” etc? For 2008 and the rise of Barack Obama on an adulatory wave of genuflecting media scribes, the accompanying motto is as unforgettable as the “thrill“ that coursed up the leg of one particularly infamous cable news, Obama sycophant: “Journalism is Dead.” Dead indeed, and it appears neither Chris Matthews, nor a healthy dose of C.P.R., can bring it back.

In a nation of increasingly fragmented audiences and roiling political strife, America’s major television networks and newspapers appear fatalistically content with the steady decline of approaching obsolescence, defending their President and pursuing their habitually leftist ideals with zeal unmitigated by the realities of fewer eyeballs and fewer dollars. Slashing budgets and cutting staffs in ways that once seemed draconian and unthinkable, ABC News, NBC and even the venerated New York Times are reaping far more than simply the unavoidably rough waters of our current economic mess; they are unwrapping a long delayed comeuppance from a media market finally liberated to meet audience demands.

As is obvious to every common sense American, the readymade explosion of Rush Limbaugh and Fox News is no accident. Majority consumers sickened by a generations of forced feeding by left-leaning news management are abandoning mainstream outlets in droves, finding a welcome and growing supply of alternative information sources untainted by secular-socialist dogma. Make no mistake, the state-run monopoly is withering, but in their frenetic death dance, our establishment friends appear more determined than ever to exert unholy influence on the politics and policy of our time. They have no choice. As ad revenues plummet and audience numbers crumble, king-making political puppetry by the media elite is no longer a parlor game of arrogance and power, but a last ploy for economic survival. Network ignorance of the natural market forces now dictate that the liberal gladiators they choose, champion and coddle as leadership celebrities have become their only guaranteed conduit to a government stipend, stings attached. Already, elite newspaper organizations facing an antiquated distribution method and evaporating circulation have approached congressional leaders asking for a cyclical handout. Network broadcast organizations, desperate to maintain their monopoly, continue to lobby for a return of the so-called, “Fairness Doctrine,” and with it, the de-facto muzzling and censorship of conservative talk radio and cable news. There are other ideas not yet on the public radar. Rest assured that any policy inhibiting the competitive advantage and silencing the message of conservative news outlets will be given serious consideration in Washington D.C. It’s an ideological fight to the death, and it’s a fight you and I must endeavor to win with our wallets.

Now more than ever, conservative Americans must comport themselves with the savvy and stealth of agents engaged in a cultural war of attrition. No longer can we allow network talking heads to celebrate the left and assault the right with impunity. We cannot afford to patronize either the media outlets nor (sic) the corporate sponsors that distribute messages aimed at accomplishing the ideological dismantling of the American Tradition. By actively deciding to give our ears, eyeballs and dollars only to those communicators and gatekeepers who actively defend the best ideals of our Republic, we will be contributing in significant ways to the ultimate defeat of those desperate to continue the desecration and cultural mutilation of America. 

Please stand with me in this battle to win the hearts and minds of a nation. The very destiny of future generations and the continuation of our Republic hinges on ensuring our continued ability to transmit and receive a truthful, dependable and trustworthy accounting of daily events and the leaders who shape them.

Pravda and propaganda have no place in free-market.

NOTE: The above was written by Shad Olson and reprinted from “On The Right Side”, Vol. 1


2 comments for “How American Conservatives Can Tame the Liberal Media Monster – By Shad Olson

  1. Lorenzo
    January 19, 2011 at 8:39 am

    Wonderful article and genuinely will help with comprehending the subject much better.

  2. Independent
    October 14, 2010 at 9:23 pm

    A very strange piece of writing indeed. It represents the sentiments of a very small, almost fanatical fringe group of Americans who fancy themselves as some type of “super patriot,” privy to wisdom somehow missed by the vast majority of the country, mainstream America. I think this line of thinking is destined to go the way of the dinosaur, as it should.

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