O Liberal Outrage, Where Art Thou?

Where have all the flower children gone? Where have all the bleeding heart liberals gone? Surely there are enough of them still alive. And their children, the ones they sent off to government schools, where they were taught that the evil American imperialists have poisoned the earth, where are they?

Genocide in IraqThey must all be missing, or in hiding. Surely there should be an outcry from these tortured and guilt-ridden souls for this Commander in Chief to save the children and their families being slaughtered by Islamic militants in northern Iraq.

After all, the anointed one is saving the children of Central America by doing nothing as they stream into the US illegally, isn’t he? Are the children of poverty more deserving of American attention than those being beheaded, dismembered or made sex slaves by the “Islamic State.”

Perhaps stopping the genocide being perpetrated on Christians in Iraq isn’t as important as inviting more Democrat voters across the Rio Grande.

Oh well, just a few thoughts for the Obamas to ponder as they vacation in Martha’s Vineyard while Ukrainians are facing the Russian Bear, Israel is under attack from Hamas, Syria is killing their own people, Iran’s nuclear capability is on schedule and China is kicking our corporate economic butts.

Happy Holiday, Chief.

1 Ed Randazzo, Chief News Editor


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