Does Obama Have an Objective in Iraq?

Obama GolfingI have listened carefully to Obama as he “updates” us on the genocide being perpetrated on Christians in Iraq. He talks of tactics, upchucks platitudes and offers Bush-did-its all while displaying anger. Nowhere has he spoke of an objective in this humanitarian crisis. Have you heard of one?

We hear about airstrikes (a few anyway) and his repeated commitment not to send more troops there. Why would you remove the only thing that is feared by ISIS from consideration?

The blame game, however,  is in hyperdrive!!!

But does the eunuch Commander in Chief have an objective? Is his objective to stop the slaughter of Christians? Is his objective to stop the advance of ISIS? Is his objective to get his mug on TV or is his objective to shave a few strokes off that golf score?

Meanwhile, ISIS will kill, behead or bury alive more Christians TODAY!!!

I think the anger is real though…..after all he is really on vacation and has other things he would rather be doing to further disassemble the Republic.

Why do I have this image of Vlad Putin relaxing at the dacha smiling like the Cheshire cat?

1Ed Randazzo, Chief News Editor


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