Obama as a Father of the Islamic State

Obama FamilyWe are routinely shown photos in the media of Obama as father. Often he is shown holding hands with his daughters as they embark on yet another vacation.

But more recently he has helped father another spawn, the Islamic State.

Obama’s rapid fire foreign policy colossal failures are too numerous to even catalog here. But this latest dubious achievement of the Obama reign is most troubling. The success and meteoric rise of the Islamic State is a direct result of the foreign policy of this president’s regime.

Islamic State MapObama’s rush to do nothing on the world stage has created vacuums of power and influence. Vacuums will ALWAYS be filled. The community organizer president is content to do a media event about what has happened, go play the front nine, visit the press room in the early afternoon so he can feign anger, go play the back nine and start over again in the morning.

The Islamic State should award him their highest civilian award for helping them get established and gobble up huge territory, terrorizing and looting as they go forward into the Obama-created vacuum.

Even if this president had an epiphany today, playing catch up against this crusading genocidal tribe will not be easy.

Soon Congress will return from hiatus and the voices of the fearful, the pacifists and the libertarian isolationists will be heard. Obama will have domestic allies to continue his impotence. I can see the signs now…..”NO MORE WAR” or “WE CAN’T BE THE WORLD’S POLICEMAN”.

The truth is we shouldn’t have to be policing but we should be vigilant to avoid the empowerment of those who hate us and our principles, values and success. A strong America deters the formation of challenges to freedom. If left unopposed, evil will fill the voids and flourish. The eunuch president is incapable of dealing with his responsibility.

So look for more diversions, Executive Orders creating manufactured crises will flow. We will be dealing with climate change, immigration policy, exploiting race issues, restricting 2nd Amendment rights, federal water rights, and on and on. All of these will occupy the news cycles and fire up the Democrat base to divert our attention. After all, Obama doesn’t really want us to notice that his ineptitude is causing the slaughter of Christians, the enslavement of millions and the rising threat of the destruction of the State of Israel.

We have just witnessed the exportation of Burger King. Perhaps we should consider the exportation of the man that thinks he is king. Maybe they will build a shrine to him in the Islamic State he has helped father.


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