Oh Joy……Football Season

FootballOh joy!!!

Now that the football season has begun, the 7 or 8 people that were paying any attention to the facts that Americans are being beheaded by ISIS, the Ukraine will soon be annexed by Russia by force of arms, illegals are streaming across our southern borders, some 27 airliners are now “missing,” Hamas continues to launch rockets into Israel, Chinese fighter jets are once again buzzing our military aircraft, Russian Bear bombers are testing our air defenses, our national debt is above $17.5 trillion dollars and we actually have Clintons, Bush’s and a Romney considering running for President.

The Football frenzied fanatics will be watching, breathing and living football and football’s latest scion, domestic abuse, Sunday through Saturday. There will, however, be a short break on Black Friday so the football fans can buy bigger, better TV’s to watch…………………more football.

Before the Super Bowl halftime show is over, Obama can have a bullet train operating from Nicaragua to El Paso without being noticed as long as he doesn’t mess with Sunday football, Monday Night Football, Thursday Night Football, Fantasy Football or really any other night so that the football junkies can fiddle with their football pool sheets………while the world burns.


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