Polluting The Planet?

At the direction of President Obama, the EPA circumvented Congress and has declared carbon dioxide to be a pollutant.

Anyone who deems it not to be a pollutant is labeled a “climate change denier”.  Our President maintains that elevated levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere presents a danger to mankind and that its production must be severely curtailed. If carbon dioxide is indeed a pollutant, should someone who authorizes dumping this polluting chemical into our atmosphere be regarded differently than someone who authorizes dumping polluting chemicals into our water? What about someone who purports concern about the environment but willingly dumps at least four million pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere for their vacation?

Here is an analysis that may prove disconcerting for the politically correct or for anyone who believes in leadership by example.  From these calculations it is evident that the first family last year thought absolutely nothing of kicking over 2000 TONS (four million pounds) of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere for their annual VACATION. The actual amount, when support aircraft are also considered, is much more but is understandably classified.

The distance from Hawaii to Washington DC is 4,762 miles each way for a round trip distance of twice that,  9,524 miles. Two round trip flights would be 19,048 miles. Based on calculations showing the 8,100 mile round trip to Denmark resulted in carbon emissions for that flight of 1,031 tons of CO2 http://www.examiner.com/article/calculating-the-carbon-footprint-of-president-obama-s-olympic-trip  the President and his family added over 2000 tons of carbon dioxide for last year’s vacation trip. . Without question the President must travel for official business.  But his annual vacation trek means that I, not a member of the elite green establishment that can disregard their own contribution, will have to somehow sequester at least a thousand pounds of carbon dioxide per acre of land under my control so as to counter just one vacation by the supposed save-our-planet President. Will he again this year double the amount by giving the first lady the special gift of a longer stay?  If the President truly believes that carbon dioxide is creating climate change and thereby harming our planet, how can he possibly feel so little sense of personal responsibility and such a high degree of personal entitlement?

***Gary A. Howie MSc, PhD*** is a business owner/rancher and a Life & Liberty News contributor

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