Executive Misdirection

If you had a teenager with whom you suspected drug use…

and that teenager were to state unequivocally “Mom and dad, I am NOT using drugs” would you 1.) Breathe a big sigh of relief because you know you can believe your teenager? or 2.) Listen intently to what you were just told, analyze it carefully, and realize that this statement would be completely true if that teenager were using only ONE drug and therefore had a serious problem in spite of being “truthful”?  

It is sad to me that we have to listen to our public officials with the same degree of analysis and skepticism.

As a classic example of misdirection at the highest level, the President correctly insists that he is NOT issuing nearly as many executive orders as his predecessors and therefore does not have a problem in the area of executive abuse. What he fails to mention is that he is issuing executive memoranda instead. Indeed, he has quietly issued more executive memoranda than any other President in history. With the combination of the two, which bear equal legal force, he has clandestinely issued far more executive decisions than any of his predecessors.


***Gary A. Howie MSc, PhD*** is a business owner/rancher and a Life & Liberty News contributor

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