Good Bye Girl Scout Cookies

Love the girls… can’t support the organization.

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Love the cookies too, for that matter.  But the Girl Scouts organization has abandoned any pretense of being an organization which instills strong moral character in young girls.

Their longstanding association with Planned Parenthood  should be enough to keep anyneed help ad God-fearing, pro life supporter away from the cookie stands.

It pains me to NOT buy cookies from these sweet little girls, but I have begun smiling at the mothers who accompany them and saying, “I love your girls, but I just can’t support the organization because of its association with Planned Parenthood.”  Some of the mothers look at me as if they have no clue what I am talking about.  Hopefully, they will do some research of their own if they really don’t know.

The latest action by the Girl Scouts has produced a “Cookie Boycott”.  The organization honored pro abortion Congresswoman Barbara Lee.  Lee claims to have coined the phrase “war on women”.  She gets a 100% rating from pro abortion groups for, among other things, her vote and support for late term abortions.

Why in the name of God, would the Girl Scout organization honor this woman?  For the same reason they have become such good friends with Planned Parenthood.  The Girl Scouts have walked away from traditional moral values and now promote the “new morality” where anything goes.

I would suggest finding another way to support positive activities for young girls… and find a new kind of cookies.

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