Will The Real Christians Please Stand Up ???

Back in the 1950’s and 1960’s there was a TV game show called TO TELL THE TRUTH…

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and they would have 3 contestants on all claiming to be the same individual ! A panel of cellebrities would question the contestants to try and figure out who was the real individual ! At the end of the program the show host would ask if the real individual would stand up . All would act as if they were going to stand but finally the real one would stand up . Today it seems we have a raft of those contestants all dressed in Born Again Christian Clothes All claiming to be the Real Christian and as we have seen in the past those in the political realm all are dressed that way in one degree or another trying to convince the Public to vote for them because they are truly PRO-LIFE , or CHRISTIAN CONSERVATIVE , or REAGAN CONSERVATIVE and yet when they get into office whether state or US those great attributes : PRO-LIFE,CHRISTIAN AND REAGAN ALL get thrown under the BUS and the FRUIT OF THEIR LABORS are nothing what their LIPS SPOKE just days before !!! JESUS says we are known by our fruits !!! JESUS says that the abundance of our hearts will be spoken always by our mouths , not just for convenience !!! JESUS says that Good and Evil fruit do not come from the same tree , that from the Treasures of a GOOD MANS HEART comes Good Fruit and that from the treasures of an Evil Mans Heart comes EVIL FRUIT !!! SOOO if we are known by our Fruits then WE NEED ONLY TO LOOK AT THE TRACK RECORD OF THOSE who claim to be GOOD to see if they have BORN GOOD FRUIT or the same OLD FRUIT WE ARE USED to in GOVERNMENT today !!! Does your elected officials give you a serpant when you ask for a fish? Or do they give you a scorpion when you ask for an egg ? JESUS tells us to test the SPIRIT of the individual before us !!! DO YOU EVEN KNOW HOW ??? in ALL of LIFE Folks IT IS for us to steward this great GIFT OF SALVATION given to us by ELOI JEHOVAH ALMIGHTY GOD through JESUS GOD’S ONLY BEGOTTEN SON we need to see with eyes that see and hear with ears that hear and not our own will and understanding but by ELOI JEHOVAH’S , LORD JESUS ‘S AND THE HOLY GHOST’S will and understanding !!! If by the GRACE OF ALMIGHTY GOD JEHOVAH we are made new beings in JESUS and by THE HOLY GHOST SEE THROUGH THE EYES OF JESUS AND HEAR WITH THE EARS OF JESUS then the Love of Jesus that passes all Knowledge which is the Full Disernment of JESUS CHRIST will allow us to see and hear with ALMIGHTY GOD’S UNDERSTANDING and to do and act in a stewardship OBEDIENCE !!!……… WILL THE REAL CHRISTIAN PLEASE STAND UP !!! And will that Christian Act accordingly in OBEDIENCE TO ELOI JEHOVAH , LORD JESUS , AND THE HOLY GHOST ??? That Folks is the question ELOI JEHOVAH has been asking for centuries and there is not much time left for any to answer !!! what you need to understand is that all that is HAPPENING is HAPPENING ON OUR WATCH !!! Are you ready to stand before JESUS and have not stood here on your WATCH ??? gIVE YOUR 100% ALLNESS TODAY TO eloi jehovah , lord jesus and the holy ghost FOR ALL eTERNAL life in JESUS HOLY NAME and begin a LIFE OF LIVING MORE ABUNDANTLY STEWARDING YOUR GREAT GIFT OF SALVATION GIVEN YOU BY THE SHED BLOOD OF JESUS AND THE GRACE AND POWER OF ALMIGHTY GOD JEHOVAH IN JESUS HOLY NAME !!! GOD BLESS YOU MIGHTILY AS YOU DO IN JESUS HOLY NAME !!!


***  Kenneth W. Olsen ***

Kenneth Olsen






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