“Study to show thyself approved unto God , a workman that needeth not to be ashamed rightly dividing the word of truth.”

Do you know this verse ??? What does study mean ??? Does it mean going to college, getting A’s in High School, reading all kinds of books, doing well in grade school , reading the dictionary or all the encyclopedia’s ??? NO NONE OF THOSE AREAS !!! WHAT IT DOES MEAN IS READING ELOI JEHOVAH’S WORD , ” THE BIBLE ” KJV IN PRAYER ASKING THE HOLY SPIRIT TO LEAD YOU INTO ALL TRUTH WHILE YOU READ !!!

Being totally given 100% of your allness to ELOI JEHOVAH , LORD JESUS , AND THE HOLY SPIRIT while you read, that The Holy Spirit can teach you the truth’s of Eloi Jehovah’s Holy Word bringing all things to your remebrence engrafting God’s word upon your Heart forever !!! NOW WHAT DOES APPROVED MEAN ??? To have approval from ALMIGHTY GOD JEHOVAH means you have to have accomplished something !!! Being a DOER OF THE WORD AND NOT A HEARER ONLY as a workman so also designates to us that we must perform action pleasing to ALMIGHTY GOD JEHOVAH IN JESUS HOLY NAME !!! IN JESUS HOLY NAME comes from RIGHTLY DIVIDING THE WORD OF TRUTH !!! We are told to do all we do in word or deed to the Glory of GOD In JESUS HOLY NAME !!!

To be an Ambassador of Jesus Means we have to become Jesus-Like 100% and Jesus did nothing but what the The Father Eloi Jehovah told Him or Showed Him !!! An Ambassador does nothing but what the indiviidual he represents tells him to do or shows him to do !!! SSSSoooooooooo ——– we have to pay attention to Jesus and see what Jesus wants us to do everyday tha He(Jesus) may confirm the word we speak and the things we do with signs following that He(Jesus) may Glorify The Father Jehovah in the Highest In Jesus Holy Name !!! DO YOU SEE THE IMPORTANCE OF READING ELOI JEHOVAH’S WORD DAILY AND THEN BEING A DOER OF THE WORD AND NOT A HEARER ONLY THAT YOU MIGHT BE FOUND PLEASING UNTO GOD HONORING ELOI JEHOVAH’S ONLY HOLY BEGOTTEN SON JESUS ??? I Pray Eloi Jehovah Blesses you Mightily as You Read God’s Holy Word The Bible , KJV , daily IN JESUS HOLY NAME !!!

***  Kenneth W. Olsen ***

Kenneth Olsen

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