Biden Poised To Run For President

Vice President Joe Biden will announce a decision in the next few days.

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Earlier this year, I told you that Biden would be the Democrat nominee for President.  It seems now that he is within days, perhaps hours of announcing his decision to run.

Until now, Donald Trump has been consuming all the oxygen in the Presidential race.  That is about to change.  The media LOVES Biden, as do Democrats.  His pro abortion position is one of the things that endears him to Democrats and the liberal media.  In recent remarks, he suggested that most Republicans running are “homophobes”.  That is a clear message to proponents of gay “marriage” that he is firmly in their camp.

Biden is an honorable Democrat, if you can say there is such a thing.  He is honorable in the sense that he will tell you where he stands on social issues.  He is a liberal Democrat to the bone.

Even though he isn’t yet running and has not yet campaigned, he is showing strong in polling data.  After he enters the race, he will easily rise to the top and become the nominee.

Move over, Trump and Clinton.


***Gordon Howie is an author and CEO of Life and Liberty Media***

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