Hillary Clinton To Be Vindicated

Or not…

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The “vast right wing conspiracy” against Hillary should reach some kind of conclusion soon.  While House Speaker wannabe Kevin McCarthy has seemingly done what he can do to prove Clinton’s conspiracy theory true, others like Rep. Trey Gowdy simply want the truth.

It is curious to me that if Clinton is actually innocent of wrongdoing, that she has been complicit in the stonewalling and destruction of information and evidence.

With revelations that a second company probably has complete backups of ALL the Clinton emails, and the FBI seizing several computers from the State Department, more information will be available.  Additionally, she will testify before the Benghazi Committee later this month.  It will be interesting to see how candid and forthcoming she is when she appears for questioning.

All of this could serve to vindicate her if she has not committed any crimes.  Perhaps, as with Sarah Palin, a complete examination of ALL her emails will reveal she is innocent of all charges.

If not, maybe she should think about buying a home in one of America’s sanctuary cities.

***Gordon Howie is an author and CEO of Life and Liberty Media***

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