Illegal Aliens Could Elect Clinton

Can illegal aliens determine our next president?

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All but 103 of 538 electoral college votes are determined by the number of people in each state without regard to whether they are legal or not. Even with 538 electoral votes in play, the United States has had Presidential elections determined by a single electoral college vote. Illegal aliens appear to be an interesting class of indirectly enfranchised non-eligible voters whose mere presence makes their contribution to the electoral college votes a subject worthy of discussion.

Without regard to their potential political affiliation, Illegal aliens appear to have become (hopefully we can withstand this shocking news in light of the unparalleled efforts to close the border)—-undocumented Democrats. By a three electoral college vote margin, they have become undocumented Democrats by virtue of simply living preponderantly in states that vote overwhelmingly Democratic.

The article cited below appears to be quite balanced although utilizes some interesting contortions at the end. Their analysis concludes that inclusion of illegals in the state counts favors the Democrats by three electoral college votes. What makes their presentation fascinating is the conjecture that, if those electoral college votes were somehow magically removed from the benefiting states (and they will NOT be so removed), those votes would have to be redistributed to smaller states, a distribution that would favor the Republicans. Without reading the article carefully it would be possible to erroneously conclude that the Republicans are the primary benefactors.

Illegal Immigrants Could Elect Hilary Clinton

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