The Freedom Club in Rapid City


Mark the Freedom Poet

South Dakota will see it’s first Freedom Club event in Rapid City on Saturday November 21 at 9:30.

Freedom lovers are invited to join Mark the Freedom Poet at the south side Pizza Ranch off 5th Street to learn about the Freedom Club and how every freedom-lover can make a difference for liberty in their area and for their county.

The event will start at 9:30 with a casual meet-and-greet with coffee.  Then Mark will cover the ABC’s of the Constitution that every American voter must use to evaluate candidates for every elected office.

Mark will then share his three-fold plan to save America, including winning the battle for public school curriculum, and placing God-fearing and Constitution-loving candidates in the majority in both houses of South Dakota State Legislature. This plan is called Project 54, which means 18 Senators and 36 House Members will give freedom-lovers control of both houses. This will allow the people to make education policy that insists on patriotic curriculum. Right now, Republicans enjoy a supermajority in the South Dakota Legislature, but only a minority are engaged in pursuing a conservative agenda of liberty and limited government.

After the meeting, please stay for lunch, since Pizza Ranch is graciously allowing freedom-lovers to meet at their facility at no charge.

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