Hateful Abortion Speech

Abortion supporters are blaming abortion critics for the Colorado shootings.

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Let’s get a few things straight.

The killing of three innocent people in Colorado at Planned Parenthood was an indefensible tragedy.

It was not caused by free speech.

It was not caused by the right to own a firearm by law abiding citizens.

It was caused by a crazy person.

He did not represent pro life supporters or Christians.

Maybe we should consider some other facts.

Regardless of what Planned Parenthood says, abortion is NOT health care.

Innocent people die every day at Planned Parenthood clinics.

More than 3,000 innocent people are killed by abortion every day in America.

These innocent lives are no less valuable than any other lives.

Planned Parenthood is responsible for the intentional killing, dismembering and sale of innocent unborn children.

There is no justification for a crazy person killing and wounding people with a gun.

As we grieve for the families of this tragedy in Colorado, we should take a moment to remember the hundreds of thousands intentionally killed by Planned Parenthood.

They too, are victims.

***Gordon Howie is an author and CEO of Life and Liberty Media***

Gordon “It’s not about right or left, it’s about Right or Wrong.”

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