Thune, Rounds And Noem Are FAILING

South Dakota has no conservative representation in Washington DC

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Heritage Action for America is keeping score.

The Heritage Action Scorecard measures votes, co-sponsorships, and other legislative activity to show how conservative Members of Congress are.

In the most recent scorecard (as of 12-1-15), the entire South Dakota Congressional delegation FAILS.

Rep. Kristi Noem  57%

Sen. John Thune  54%

Sen. Mike Rounds 50%

Sharing this information with you is not intended in any way as a PERSONAL attack on any of these politicians.  It is a report on their PERFORMANCE.  Nice or not nice, they are failing to represent conservative principles.  All three fall even below the poor AVERAGE percentage of their peers.

If you are asking, “Does ANYONE get a passing grade?”, the answer is YES.

Senator Ted Cruz scored 100%  Many others received high and/or passing grades in the Senate.

Representative Ken Buck scored 100%.  Many others in the House received high and/or passing grades.

South Dakota, the home of Tom Daschle and George McGovern, has become the home of the NEW liberals.

They are not just Democrats any more.

***Gordon Howie is an author and CEO of Life and Liberty Media***

Gordon “It’s not about right or left, it’s about Right or Wrong.”

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