ISIS Is NOT Contained

Here is public confirmation…


… by our highest ranking military officer that ISIS is NOT contained.


Directly and publicly contradicting the civilian Commander-in-Chief can be hard on careers, so the cost of the Chief’s integrity is yet to be determined. General Dunford tries to minimize the contradiction by answering questions like “Do we have a strategy that will defeat ISIS?” with answers like “I think we have the right components in place”. Bear in mind that we have had the right components in place to take out the command and control headquarters of ISIS (recently and finally done by the French) and to take out the tankers that deliver oil to generate income for ISIS (after the Russians and the French started attacking oil infrastructure, we finally dropped leaflets, then strafed tankers until we ran out of ammunition.) We have had the right components in place but DID NOT USE THEM. We did not use them by Presidential directive.

Apparently the President, who so frequently has maintained that the news media is his source of critical information, is behind in his reading. Under direct and persistent questioning, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has said the blatantly obvious to those who pay attention to non-obsequious news sources. The unwillingness of top officers to publicly contradict their commander-in-chief has allowed political “we-are-winning” spin to continue unabated. Perhaps now the President will be forced to address the fact that the cancer of ISIS has continued to spread under his watch as he he has continued to ignore the advice of his military. But not to worry.

The President has just rebuked ISIS by participating in a world conference on climate change.

***Gary A. Howie MSc, PhD*** is a business owner/rancher and a Life & Liberty News contributor

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