Christians Should Give Ben Carson Another Look

If you are a believer who supports Carson…

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You should take time to see what he says about Hell.  He doesn’t believe in it.

Regarding the Rapture of Christians.  He doesn’t believe it will happen.

Carson believes that you go to Heaven if you are “good”.  If you are “bad” you just sort of disappear…

Dr. Carson was very forthcoming in his interview with the Washington Post.

There is little question that Dr. Ben Carson is a nice man.  He is highly accomplished.  He has a remarkable life story.

If, however, you are supporting him because you think he is a “Christian”, you need to take a second look.  I have no personal dislike for Dr. Carson.  I have no desire to “trash” or disparage him.  After learning what he believes and does not believe, I conclude that his statements of faith are very different than the ones held by people who know and believe the Bible.

Read Dr. Carson’s statements of faith HERE.

If you are looking for a Presidential candidate who represents your beliefs as a Christian…

Look for another candidate.

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