Police Cover Up In South Dakota

Did the Springfield, SD police cover up the killing of Duke?


The allegation is that officer Douglas Magee picked up this family pet, drove six miles to an abandoned farm house where he shot the dog twice and hid his body.

The family was told a very different story by officials, and continued searching for their pet for 8 months.  Then they discovered what they had been told was not the truth.

Further at issue are missing pictures, emails and a “broken” dash-cam in the patrol car.

Read more about this story HERE.

Some suggest the alleged shooting and subsequent cover-up of a family pet is not all that important in the overall view of law enforcement.  If that is your opinion, you should ask yourself what would keep them from behaving the same way in more “significant” situations?  The answer is obvious.


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1 comment for “Police Cover Up In South Dakota

  1. joan windschitl
    December 4, 2015 at 12:30 pm

    Well said. I have thought the same thing since this story began. I hope the dog owner gets justice before this happens, possibly in a more horrific way to someone else in that town.

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