Terrorists And Attorneys

The family of the Muslim killers in San Bernardino have attorneys.

muslim attorney

They held a press conference today.

In passing, they made the assertion that the entire Muslim community “does not support” this kind of killing.  In listening to the entire press conference, it sounded to me like their mission was to defend Islam and liken this murderous act of terror to a mythical “radical Catholic” attacking an abortion clinic.

The family “had no idea” that this married Muslim couple could do anything like this.  OK.  OK  They very specifically, however, DID NOT deliver a message of condemnation of this Muslim couple and what they have done.  The woman was a “typical housewife”.  The husband was the victim of ridicule from co-workers for his facial hair.  OK  So, where was the specific condemnation of the murders committed by these two Muslims.  It wasn’t there.

Early in the press conference, one attorney said the family “was aware” of two pistols which were locked up.  Later in the presser, the attorney admitted that the family was aware of two pistols and two rifles, but that they had never noticed all of the firearms, ammunition and bomb materials in the home.

It is very interesting to me that even though the mother lived with them, she “knew nothing about the explosives, firearms and bomb making materials”.

They did express their concern that the “privacy” of these two Muslim killers had been violated by allowing people into their home.  They also repeatedly expressed their concern that people are linking this to “profiling” of Muslims or linking this murderous rampage to Islam.

Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik, just your average American couple with no link to terrorist organizations or radical Islam.  A big thank you to the family attorneys.

We all feel much better now.

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