British Bomb ISIS Oil Fields

Apparently the British are not yet convinced…

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… that President Obama’s strong stance on climate control will render ISIS completely and irreversibly impotent. Reading between the lines in this article: 1.) The British are actually dropping their bombs, not having to operate under U.S. Presidential rules of engagement that result in 75% of our missions returning without releasing any ordinance; fortunately, we still get to count those missions as part of our vigorous effort to eradicate ISIS. 2.) Rather than allow ISIS to continue their rich funding for butchery through the sale of oil, the British are bombing the oil infrastructure that we have chosen to leave intact. The words “damage, destroy, and defeat” seem to have an entirely different meaning to the British, whose effort seems devoid of political spin and who seem to not be struggling with the correct usage of English.

British Jets Bomb ISIS Oil Fields

***Gary A. Howie MSc, PhD*** is a business owner/rancher and a Life & Liberty News contributor

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