GOP Killing Seniors

Pictures of dead and dying seniors…

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… are circulating on social media.  The assertion is that the GOP is planning to starve them to death by ending meals on wheels and leave them to die by taking away their health care.

I’m sorry, but that is really over the edge.

It is interesting to me that those who scream the false narrative that conservatives are going to kill old people and children are most likely to support abortion and euthanasia.

A comment from one Leftist caught my attention yesterday.

“it’s shameful that we have to beg each other to take care of our vulnerable…it should be the mission of our government…..”

The truth is, it’s shameful indeed that we would have to beg each other… It’s also shameful that we would think it is the responsibility of government to care for the vulnerable.  That is a responsibility of YOU and ME.  The mindset that government should be our “keeper” is a fundamental flaw in the thinking of most Leftists.  That responsibility belongs to US.  It’s much easier, however, to allow government to “take” money from others for social programs than it is to personally write the check to help our neighbor.  This is where the “compassion” of Leftists loses credibility.  Their “compassion” only lasts as long as they can use YOUR money to do the good things they are not willing to fund with their own money.  Compassionate with other people’s money… that’s the bottom line.  It’s just so much easier to let the government do it.

I’m not personally against every government “help” program.  I just disagree with the assertion that it’s the responsibility of government to take care of everyone and solve all our problems.

Maybe if the government would let seniors keep more of their own money, they wouldn’t NEED meals on wheels.


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