Pregnant, Conflicted And Alone

 Emily was 32 years old.

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Both her mother and father came with her to the appointment at the Pregnancy Help Center.  That was unusual for a woman of this age.

During her meeting with the client advocate, Emily shared that she was being pressured by her parents to have an abortion because they didn’t want her to be a “single” parent.  She spoke openly about her remorse over a previous abortion.  Her parents had pressured her into that abortion too, even taking her to the abortion appointment “just to make sure”.  She had struggled with drug and alcohol abuse as she tried to drown her emotional trauma after the abortion.

Emily was now in a better place emotionally, because she had gotten control over her drug and alcohol use.  Her life was beginning to have some stability.  Still, it would be challenging to raise a baby alone.  For Emily, this was a difficult decision.  The pressure from her parents was certainly not making it easier.

The ultrasound showed her baby wriggling and moving.  Emily smiled excitedly as she watched.  Her discussions with the Pregnancy Help Center staff gave her strength and confidence.  She felt a new “connection” with her baby.  This was HER decision, and she was choosing LIFE.

Emily left with a new spring in her step and a determination.  She also left with information and resources.  She knew she didn’t have to do this “alone”.

You can help women like Emily.  The Pregnancy Help Center NEVER charges clients for any service.  Individual contributions TOTALLY fund the Pregnancy Help Center.  Will you please donate today?


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*** Emily’s story is REAL *** Her name and some of the details have been changed to protect her privacy.

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