Irene Changes Her Mind About Abortion

She thought she could abort with alcohol and drugs.

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Irene didn’t “want to be pregnant”, so she went on a drinking spree which included some drug use.  She thought (hoped) that this would somehow result in the elimination of her “problem”.  Several days into her mission of destruction, Irene’s conscience began to bother her.  She knew right from wrong.  The alcohol and drugs didn’t help her escape that.

When she arrived for her appointment with the Pregnancy Help Center, she shared that she was schedule to meet the next day with a Rapid City doctor who performs abortions (Yes, in Rapid City, SD).

Irene was not far enough into her pregnancy for an ultra sound, but the free pregnancy test confirmed that she was, indeed, pregnant.

During her appointment she talked and prayed with the staff of the Pregnancy Help Center.  She said she was very glad she had kept her appointment, and said she was “flooded with peace and hope.”  She knew that giving her baby life was the right choice.  Irene left her appointment with a commitment to doing what she always knew in her heart was the right thing.

She had a new found joy about becoming a mother.

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*** Irene’s story is REAL *** Her name and some of the details have been changed to protect her privacy.

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