Your Baby Is Not Human

That was one of Natalie’s fears.

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Sometimes she felt like she was mentally suffocating.

She was pregnant and estranged from her boyfriend, who had “moved on” to another girlfriend.  Both he and his new girlfriend were pressuring Natalie to abort this baby.  Some of their pressure included the relentless assertion that her baby was “not human”.  As far-fetched as it may sound, Natalie had become haunted by the fear she may give birth to some kind of mutated alien.

Her family lived in another state.  She had moved here with her boyfriend, and now found herself alone and afraid.

Her first appointment with the Pregnancy Help Center confirmed that she was pregnant.  During her second appointment she saw her baby on the ultrasound.  It gave her significant relief to see her baby.

With more help and reassurance from the staff, Natalie found the strength and courage to make a decision to give this baby the gift of life.  It was no small decision.  She also decided to move closer to her family for support during the rest of her pregnancy.

It was another happy day for the staff of the Pregnancy Help Center.

You can help women like Natalie.  The Pregnancy Help Center NEVER charges clients for any service.  Individual contributions TOTALLY fund the Pregnancy Help Center.  Will you please donate today?


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Care Net Pregnancy Help Center    “Helping Women, Saving Children”

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*** Natalie’s story is REAL *** Her name and some of the details have been changed to protect her privacy.

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