Would You Save This Child?

“This child” is the next one.

You might be asking what I mean.

Please indulge me for just a couple minutes.  Listed below are the real-life stories of women in a real-life crisis.  Every day, the Pregnancy Help Center is providing loving assistance to women like this.  Helping women in crisis and saving unborn children is what they do.

Now, they need YOUR HELP.

Take the time to read these short stories, and join me in helping.

The Pregnancy Help Center needs 30 people to contribute $5,000.00.  I will be the first.  Will you join me, PLEASE??  If you can’t manage a $5,000.00 contribution, maybe you could pool resources with some friends or ask your church to help.  Call me today at (605) 381-3998.  Together, we can provide the $150,000.00 needed to put the Pregnancy Help Center in an adequate facility and eliminate the expense of monthly rent.

A generous benefactor has given the Pregnancy Help Center a property in a high traffic location.  YOUR HELP in funding will allow them to renovate the property and take their healing, helping ministry to more women in crisis.

Please take the time to read these short stories…


Raped And Pregnant

Judy faced some very hard choices.

She already had a 2 year old child.  After being victimized by a brutal rape, her visit to the Pregnancy Help Center confirmed it had resulted in a pregnancy.

Even though the likelihood of becoming pregnant from a rape is relatively small (about 5%), that didn’t help Judy.

Soon her current boyfriend (with whom she was living) kicked both Judy and her young daughter out of the house.  With no place to go, she was temporarily staying with a cousin.  That arrangement would only last a few weeks at best.  She did not want this pregnancy, and planned to have an abortion.  Still, she scheduled another appointment when an ultra sound could be done.

When Judy returned for her ultra sound appointment she was very emotional.  When she saw the images of her baby on the ultra sound, her tear flowed profusely.  After further discussion with the staff at the Pregnancy Help Center she decided that adoption was a better choice for her than abortion.  She left her appointment, not having ruled out the possibility of parenting this baby, but relieved that she had options other than abortion.  She still had plenty of challenges, but no longer felt like she faced them alone.



Bad Choices Produce Consequences

Sadly, Megyn found herself in the same position she was in a year ago.

She is in an unhealthy relationship with a different young man.  She is pregnant and in the middle of turmoil once again.  Her life is in crisis… again.

When her pregnancy was confirmed she was distraught. She told her Client Advocate and Nurse that she couldn’t believe she was so stupid AGAIN! She cried and cried. The caring staff and volunteers at the Pregnancy Help Center were given the opportunity demonstrate compassion to this young woman who found herself overwrought with grief due to her poor choices.

Megyn had chosen abortion a year ago.  Her regret and grief was profound.  She didn’t see how she could endure that ordeal again.  The prospects of becoming a single mother were overwhelming to her as well.

Her choices were hard ones.

With the education, support and encouragement from the Pregnancy Help Center staff, Megyn left her appointment with a new found hope.  She knew she could do this, and she knew the staff at the Pregnancy Help Center would be at her side any time she needed them.



Lana Finds Hope In Her Crisis

Her life had been one challenge after another.

Now, she was pregnant.

Lana was raised by developmentally disabled parents, and was often in and out of foster care. Along the way she had leaned on an inner faith that somehow things would get better.  At this moment, it seemed to her that things had only gotten worse.

She didn’t want to be pregnant.  Her boyfriend didn’t like the idea either.  When Lana told him she thought she was pregnant, he immediately told her she would just “have to get an abortion”.  It was how he wanted to take care of the “problem”.  Lana wasn’t getting any support from her friends or family either.  She was carrying the entire burden on her shoulders… alone.

Surprisingly, most women who choose abortion feel like they have no other choice.  Like Lana, they feel very alone and without other options.

Her free pregnancy test confirmed that she was pregnant.  During her ultrasound, and throughout her appointment at the Pregnancy Help Center, Lana received the loving support of the entire staff.  That lifted her spirit considerably.  She also found renewal for her personal faith.  The staff provided information and encouragement.  Lana left her appointment determined to parent this child.


Your Baby Is Not Human

That was one of Natalie’s fears.

Sometimes she felt like she was mentally suffocating.

She was pregnant and estranged from her boyfriend, who had “moved on” to another girlfriend.  Both he and his new girlfriend were pressuring Natalie to abort this baby.  Some of their pressure included the relentless assertion that her baby was “not human”.  As far-fetched as it may sound, Natalie had become haunted by the fear she may give birth to some kind of mutated alien.

Her family lived in another state.  She had moved here with her boyfriend, and now found herself alone and afraid.

Her first appointment with the Pregnancy Help Center confirmed that she was pregnant.  During her second appointment she saw her baby on the ultrasound.  It gave her significant relief to see her baby.

With more help and reassurance from the staff, Natalie found the strength and courage to make a decision to give this baby the gift of life.  It was no small decision.  She also decided to move closer to her family for support during the rest of her pregnancy.

It was another happy day for the staff of the Pregnancy Help Center.


Irene Changes Her Mind About Abortion

She thought she could abort with alcohol and drugs.

Irene didn’t “want to be pregnant”, so she went on a drinking spree which included some drug use.  She thought (hoped) that this would somehow result in the elimination of her “problem”.  Several days into her mission of destruction, Irene’s conscience began to bother her.  She knew right from wrong.  The alcohol and drugs didn’t help her escape that.

When she arrived for her appointment with the Pregnancy Help Center, she shared that she was schedule to meet the next day with a Rapid City doctor who performs abortions (Yes, in Rapid City, SD).

Irene was not far enough into her pregnancy for an ultra sound, but the free pregnancy test confirmed that she was, indeed, pregnant.

During her appointment she talked and prayed with the staff of the Pregnancy Help Center.  She said she was very glad she had kept her appointment, and said she was “flooded with peace and hope.”  She knew that giving her baby life was the right choice.  Irene left her appointment with a commitment to doing what she always knew in her heart was the right thing.

She had a new found joy about becoming a mother.


Heather’s Decision

Most women who choose abortion feel like they have no other option.

Often, the spouse or boyfriend feel the same.

Heather’s pregnancy test at her appointment with the Pregnancy Help Center was positive.  Heather was 17 years old.

Her boyfriend was also 17.  He wanted her to have an abortion. Heather wanted to parent, but did not want to pressure the boyfriend and wanted their decision to be made together.

Part of the role of staff and volunteers is to provide information and education.  Heather and her boyfriend were in need of both.  During their appointment they learned about the options, risks and consequences related to this pregnancy and abortion.  When they left their appointment, they were still undecided about what they would do.

They did, however scheduled another appointment for an ultrasound.

By the time Heather came for her ultrasound, they had made a decision to parent this child.  She shared with the staff that it was the information they received at their first meeting that had changed her boyfriend’s mind.  They were both excited about seeing their baby for the first time on ultrasound.  They even brought Heather’s mother along to see her newest grandchild.

Not every woman chooses life.  Information, education and ultrasounds at the Pregnancy Help Center help them make an INFORMED decision.

For many, like Heather, it makes the difference between life and death.


“Grandpa and Dad want me to have an abortion”

Gina continues to be “abortion vulnerable”.

She is seventeen, pregnant and living with her grandfather.  Her mother is in another state and her father is re-married.  Gina and her step-mother don’t get along, so she has lived with her grandfather for two years.

Since Gina told them she is pregnant, both her father and grandfather have been pressuring her to schedule an abortion.  Not just a little pressure, but a LOT of pressure.  Both she and her boyfriend wants to have the baby, but both feel overpowered by dad and and grandpa.

When Gina made her appointment at the Pregnancy Help Center she didn’t know where else to turn.  She doesn’t have any support system.  Like most young girls who are pregnant, she didn’t know that even as a minor she has a legal right to carry her child to term.  Gina smiled when she learned that.

The staff offered parenting classes to Gina and her boyfriend. She left with a renewed hope that “someone” was on her side.

Without the Pregnancy Help Center, she wouldn’t have a chance

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More about the Pregnancy Help Center

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