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Since he entered the race for President…

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… There has been a media fixation with Donald Trump.

If he has not been the lead story, he is still some sort of significant portion of every news report.  There has not been any 24 hour news cycle that hasn’t included President Trump.  I have never seen anything that compares with it in my entire life.

When have you seen anyone’s twitter account continue to be a major news story?  To be sure, Trump Tweets have their own special flavor, but none go unreported.

President Trump made the assertion that no President in history has been treated so poorly.  The sheer volume of reporting, most of it negative, gives legitimacy to his claim.  Deserved or not.

He said in a speech recently, “Don’t let them get you down… everything is going to turn out just fine.”  Time will tell.

My expectation is that we are in for four, if not eight years of “Trump TV”.


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