Incoming School of Mines Department Head Is Expert on WWII Japan

We live in a time when US universities have long ago distanced themselves from scholarly faculty in favor of fiscal-only managers who chase the almighty Student Loan dollar from the federal government.  This has been especially true of administrators like presidents and deans who often have been more into business than academics.

     Bucking this trend, the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology has recently hired a scholar in psychological warfare (PSYWAR) to head its Humanities and Social Sciences Department.  Allison B. Gilmore, Ph.D, comes from Ohio State University in Lima, and her book You Can’t Fight Tanks with Bayonets: Allied Psychological Warfare against the Imperial Japanese Army in the Southwest Pacific (University of Nebraska,1998) is “a study of Allied propaganda operations designed to undermine Japanese military morale during the Pacific War,” according to this state engineering and science university in Rapid City.

     A former US Psychological Operations (PSYOP) specialist on Amazon says that “I found Allison Gilmore’s study of the US PSYWAR efforts against the Imperial Japanese Army during the Pacific War not only historically interesting but also invaluable.”


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