Nuclear War With North Korea

Kim Jong-un has gone nuclear.

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That significantly changes the world.

Nuclear weapons in the hands of America’s enemies presents President Trump with a problem his predecessors not only didn’t have to confront, but helped create.  It is bad enough that North Korea has nuclear capabilities, but they have miniaturized nuclear weapons that could find themselves in the hands Iran.  Both of those prospects are unacceptable.  North Korea has demonstrated it’s ability to launch a delivery system which could reach the United States homeland.  We have already seen what the hatred of ISIS can do without nuclear weapons.  It is unthinkable what they would do WITH nuclear weapons.

Trump minced few words in response to threats from North Korea.

He really has no other choice.  Sanctions, yes.  But the prospect of North Korea rattling nuclear sabers demands a response very different from sanctions, red lines and other ineffective reactions of previous American administrations.  America has to be ready to defend against nuclear threats and actions by our enemies.  Further, our response CAN NOT be 30 seconds too late.  To be very clear, this is not a problem created by President Donald Trump.  It has become reality with the help of Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama “talking” instead of acting.  24 years of failed “negotiations”.  Thankfully, President Trump will not be asleep at the switch.

A lot can change in five minutes.

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