9-11 What Has Changed?

Pictures and sounds of that day linger in our minds.

 Image result for twin towers

America under attack.

It was a horrible day, and a horrible event.  We might ask what has really changed.  We would be remiss, however, to forget the things that have NOT changed.

Those who hate America and what we stand for still want to destroy us.  They still plot and scheme to kill our people and destroy our way of life.  Freedom remains in the crosshairs of these wicked people.

Where we have seen some victories over these enemies others have risen to take their place.  North Korea has become a nuclear power will bad intentions for our country.  Other nations have become more openly adversarial.  Forces from within also threaten the very fabric of our country.

The attack from within may be the most dangerous.  It has transformed us little by little.  The journey into darkness continues to take us farther in the wrong direction.  Further away from the God of our fathers.

In the beginning, it was essential for political leaders to be morally grounded in the Christian faith.  Open references and petitions to Jesus Christ were part of the very fabric of our new nation.  Fast forward to the time when a major candidate for President of the United States proclaimed that Christians should be excluded from holding any elected office because their faith makes them unfit to serve.

So, what has changed since 9-11?  We are on guard against our enemies from without.

The enemy from within rages, unchecked.

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