Judge Roy Moore, Allegations of Sexual Misconduct

Leftist propaganda or legitimate disclosure?

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The allegations are that nearly 40 years ago, a then-young Roy Moore made sexual advances toward a 14 year old girl.  Other, similar allegations have begun to surface.

My first guess would be that this is nothing more than Leftist desperation.  I haven’t forgotten the multiple allegations from women against then-candidate Donald Trump, at the eleventh hour of the campaign.  I’ve wondered what happened to those charges since Democrats lost the race for the White House.  One would think that if they had been legitimate charges they would not have simply vanished after the campaign was over.

Make no mistake, sexual misconduct shouldn’t be taken lightly.  Neither, though, should false campaign style allegations designed to destroy a candidate.

I also remember the vile attack against Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas.

The curious part of this method of negative campaigning is that it tends to be used primarily against conservative candidates.  Sure, both sides of the isle can point fingers and say, “remember YOUR negative campaign”.  I am just weary of it.  I think those who use these tactics have overplayed their hand.  The voting public is wise to it.

Enough, already!

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1 comment for “Judge Roy Moore, Allegations of Sexual Misconduct

  1. Darrell Solberg
    November 9, 2017 at 1:03 pm

    When the majority is on your side, you can effectively sweep things under the rug!!! People chose to ignore the Trump accusations, because of the many campaign promises (lies) of false hope that he gave them then, that are now starting to be exposed.

    All negative campaigns ARE NOT directed solely as conservatives….look at the hack job they did on Hillary and what they attempted prior to last Tuesday’s election. I recall Hillary testifying before a congressional committee because of Bengazi, but haven’t heard a pep about the same for Niger’s deaths of military personnel. Funny how the majority can protect the perpetrators and go on a witch hunt regarding their opponents!!!

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