Time to Restore the Bible to School Children

I have been writing pieces about why the Bible needs to be restored as the Premier Schoolbook to as many school chidren as posible. Dr. Benjamin Rush, The youngest signer of the Declaration of Independence, wrote a letter to a friend with 5 assumptions about why this is such an important goal.

This is the first article that I will submit about HOW TO GET THE BIBLE INTO tHE SCHOOLS.

Until 1962 and 1963, Prayer and the Bible were welcome in public schools. A hideous Oligarchy (Rule by a few) took over the Supreme Court led by a deceived and evil Chief Justice, Earl Warren; and these black-robbed Tyrants threw away our First Amendment Religious Freedom and Freedom of Speech. Only the indifference of an ignorant Church-led public prevented a swift Impeachment of the Warren Oligarchs.

Since the 1950’s Radical Left Zealots have taken over one higher education department after another. Left, Athiest, and Hedonist literature was introduced and Great Christian Lit. by authors like Charlse Dickens, C. S. Lewis, and even the Bible, once the most important schoolbook by far, was expelled.

Philosophy Departments proclaimed God was dead and Psychology Departments asserted that Homosexuality was normal and enlightened. Abortion for any reason is called good for women including unborn girl children. Political Science is mostly anti-Republican. History is purged of Truth if it is taught at all.

Western Civilization is no longer taught as the Magnificent Christian force that gave the world the Greatest, Art, Music and Even our vastly superior, Christian Democratic-Republic, Individual Freedom itself!   Western Civ. is not taught in the top 50 schools of Higher (lower) Education in America. Thank God for schools like John Witherspoon in Rapid City, South Dakota; and Hillsdale in Michigan.

One college and University after the other has fallen into an evil sewer of anti-American, anti-white, anti-man and agressive anti-Christian Hatred. These evil institutions are brainwashing most of the public schools teachers, who join the far left teacher’s union and brainwash about 90% of American children with one lie and perversion after another. Ignorance has become a virtue; and excellence is suppressed. Children are being alienated from parents by twisted curriculum and student only passwords.

Ask your public school children and grandchildren how a Republic is Different from a Democracy or a Socialism(like Bernie Sanders promotes) or Communist Regime, (Like North Korea) Ask them to name as many of the Individual Liberties protected by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution,(six)as they can. Ask them why Christianity is the only True Religion.

Do they know which country is the Richest and Strongest and Most Generous and Most free of all time…Yes, that answer and Blessing is America and without THE GREAT ARMED FORCES OF THE U.S.A., the world would be speaking German or Japanese and all Christians and Jews would be slaughtered on sight. There would be no Israel or America or Individual Freedom on Earth.

We are running out of time. What is more important than teaching America’s future leaders to be Christian Patriots? If our children and Grandchildren don’t know how precious our Republic of, by and for all the People is. . .How Will they fight and die for freedom or will they give the world to Darkness and slavery. Ignorance is not bliss! Ignorance is Death for America!

We must get the the Bible back into the Hearts and Minds of our Schoolchildren and must re-establish the faithful teaching of the Constitution in every Public School in South Dakota and America.

My next article will be entitled: “How to WIN the fight for the Schoolboards” May God Bless Us in this battle.

 *** Mark “The Freedom Poet” Skogerboe *** is a Life and Liberty News contributor and a lover of American freedom.  Mark has authored several books, hosted well known radio talk shows.  He has also appeared regularly on the Liberty Today television program.   His knowledge of history and our Founding Fathers makes him a popular speaker for conservative groups and rallies.


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