Regime Change In South Dakota

The establishment Republicans have a stranglehold on power.

It has delivered EB5 collusion/corruption and a host of other good ole boy “revenue sharing” programs. Those who have watched closely during the last 15 years have seen Clintonesque corruption, Huge spending increases, Hundreds of Millions of dollars in tax increases, and suppression of conservative values on a wholesale level.  This regime has been wrong on abortion, immigration, spending, taxing, regulation and, well, basically everything else.

Now, we are ‘Gearing up’ for a new season of campaigns.  Millions of dollars will be spent and promises of change will fly through the air like dust on a windy South Dakota day.  But, at the end of the day, will it only be more of the same?

As South Dakota evaluates candidates for US House of Representatives, Governor and State Legislative races, they would do well to ask if it is just more of the same, or if it is really something different.  Does the candidate represent conservative values or do they have a record that demonstrates they have been up to their eyeballs in the system/regime that needs to be changed.  If they have served in an elective office during the last 15 years, they can and should be judged by what they have and have not done.  If they haven’t served in office during that time, it would be reasonable to judge them by what they have or have not done in the private sector.

I’ll admit that my tenure in the State House and Senate during this time has left me cynical and suspicious of most candidates.  Watching from the sideline for the past few years hasn’t provided much additional hope for significant change.  As I ponder how/whether to cast my vote in upcoming South Dakota elections, I am looking for candidates I trust; candidates who have a history that earns that trust; candidates who will not simply be a new face in the same regime.

I am ready for a real (positive) change.

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