Our (fill in the blank), Who Art In Heaven…

Don’t refer to God as “Father”…

That’s the resolution passed by the Episcopal Diocese of Washington DC passed recently.  Life Site News reports that another resolution passed without discussion or debate was to include “transgender people” in all aspects of “congregational life”.  Presumably, this would include the priesthood.

The removal of all masculine references to God “expands our language for God and expands our image of God”, according to these seriously misguided parishioners.  Unless, of course, Jesus was wrong when He (yes, He) referred to God as His Father.  In essence, this proclamation is another step in re-writing the Bible to suit society.

The Bible was written to reveal the nature of God, and His instructions to a sinful and fallen world.  The Bible is supposed to change society and human behavior.  Re-writing the Bible serves the purposes of our adversary, Satan.

God is holy.  God cannot be “redefined” to fit our purposes or our political agenda.  Changing the “gender” of God finds its origin in a complete lack of understanding of who He is.

Passing resolutions that attempt to transform God, is nothing more than a demonstration of how badly we need Him and how lost we are without Him.  The Episcopal Church proclamation moves them farther away from God, not closer.

I am thankful God is my Father.

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