Obama on offense….or just offensive?

President Obama is either a student of Claus von Clausewitz or Jack Dempsey. Both have been credited with the statement that “The best defense is a good offense.” Yesterday President Obama rolled out his offense in his first news conference since March.

Or was he just offensive?

Deflecting blame to Congress for the failures of his administration is not leadership. Apparently the buck no longer stops in the Oval Office.

The angry-faced Obama warned that failing to complete a deal to cut long-term deficits and lift the nation’s debt ceiling before Aug. 2 would lead to “calamitous  government default.” He blames Congress for this, citing their work ethic. He mentioned nothing of his work ethic.

Listening to him, one would think that he has been engaged in this negotiation for some time, which he has not. In fact, he has not been engaged in any leadership in his administration. He has, by his lack of leadership, left the issues to be advanced by Congress or others. Even Obamacare was forged and pushed by Pelosi and Reid. “Call me naive,” he said at another point, “but my expectation is that leaders are going to lead.” Where is his leadership?

Yesterday he even accused Congress of playing politics with the issue of his defiance of the War Powers Resolution. There’s an interesting rationalization. He defies the law and blames the Congress for playing politics with his defiance.

I wonder if he will complain further about the work ethic of Congress while playing that next round of golf?


2 comments for “Obama on offense….or just offensive?

  1. Max Harris
    July 9, 2011 at 2:21 am

    The US Constitution makes the president of the US the chief of the executive department, not a king or a dictator. The laws are to be made by Congress. If the people choose a Congress which is unwilling or incapable of making the necessary laws, it is the fault of the electorate, not the President. If they want a dictator instead of a chief executive, make a new constitution.

    • July 9, 2011 at 9:07 am

      It is also the duty and responsibility of the president to execute the laws promulgated by the Congress and to preserve and protect the US Constitution. The voters will determine the effectiveness and performance of the current Congress on Election Day. I hope they will do the same for the president.

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