Washington Wasn’t Listening……They Didn’t Even Ask

Fueled by the Obama Administration’s lies and scare tactics, the Republican controlled House of Representatives passed the Budget Control Act of 2011 in less than 24 hours after the agreement was announced. The rush to judgment was necessary because the lawmakers knew that the American people opposed this “compromise.”

The lawmakers and their constituents had less than 24 hours to read the 74-page bill. The Congressional Budget Office didn’t have time to “score” the agreement yet the lawmakers were determined to vote and rush out of Washington. Same formula for the success of the passage of Obamacare………don’t read it, just sign it.

Had the lawmakers allowed time for the sense of the country to be heard they likely would have learned that only 22% of likely voters nationwide approved of the agreement while 53% disapproved, as was reported on Thursday by Rasmussen Reports.

One reason for the disapproval may be that most voters (58%) say it’s unlikely the deal will lead to a significant decrease in federal spending over the next few years. Only 35% consider such spending cuts even somewhat likely.

Further the Rasmussen survey reveals that forty percent (40%) of voters recognize that, even with the agreement, government spending will still increase over the next few years. Sixteen percent (16%) mistakenly believe it will go down while 34% expect it to remain about the same.

Despite all the media obsession with the minute-by-minute wheeling and dealing on the debt ceiling debacle, the end result is exactly what voters expected.

The Republican leadership and a significant majority of the newly elected “conservative” freshman class in the House chose to accept the lie perpetrated by the Obama regime that failure to increase the debt limit would cause a US default. So they bought into the Obama lie and passed a budget control act that at best will cut spending by $2 trillion dollars while we increase borrowing by $7 trillion dollars.

You don’t have to be an actuary or a mathematician to do the math on this one.