The Obama Plan-No Jobs, No Recovery, Just Continued Pain

The latest Obama Plan will result in no real job creation and no real recovery.

It will result in temporary jobs (mostly for the labor union dominated construction sector) and a temporary (and artificial) improvement in jobless claim numbers. That would provide a welcome respite from the horrific monthly unemployment claim numbers as his political campaign heats up.

This president’s remarkable inability or unwillingness to take ownership of the fact that his economic policies have failed to produce even a hint of improvement is conduct unbecoming a leader. He now flails about wagging his finger and demanding obedience to his wishes while offering no change in the same old flawed and failed policies that have worsened our economy since his inauguration.

The specific problem with his most recent plan is his steadfast clinging to the notion of government spending as job creator. So, the result of his plan, were it enacted would be no Jobs, no recovery, just continued pain.

His advisors are sycophants. Top Obama campaign strategist David Axelrod is putting on a confident face after a string of polls have suggested the president’s approval ratings are at historic lows. Lashing out at the media, Axelrod wrote that the media has overly focused on the president’s low ratings.

But even James Carville said in a CNN Situation Room interview with Wolf Blitzer, “The time has come to demand a plan of action that requires a complete change from the direction you (Obama) are headed.”

The greater problem is that Obama is not the leader that some hoped or wished him to be. We chose poorly.

Obama was elected despite his lack of experience, leadership skills or accomplishments. His election was the result of a weak opponent, a deteriorating economy, flashy oratory skills, class warfare demagoguery, obvious black voter prejudice, white voter guilt and an emotional desire to make history by electing a black man to the presidency.

Obama’s on-the-job-training has not resulted in any improvement in his leadership skills. In fact, his lack of leadership is gaudily obvious. He demands respect but hasn’t earned it.

Elections have consequences and the truth is that the 2008 election has had severe consequences-no jobs, no recovery, just continued pain.

I pray that we will choose more wisely in 2012.


***The author, Ed Randazzo, is a nationally syndicated columnist and the Chief News Editor of Life and Liberty Media***