Occupy Movement’s Stunning Stupidity Proof of Educational, Social Engineering, in ‘Age of Ignorance’

How do you form a picket line against human potential, or human dignity or survival?

How do you construct a Che Guevara sign using a computer graphics package and laser printer hardware that Marxist policies would have killed, stunted, confiscated, suppressed, prevented and destroyed?  How does inescapable irony still evade?

Watching the huddled pools of concentrated ignorance and fear imbued by organized media as a responsible and cogent social expression, it occurs to me just how much of modern life would be missing, if socialism, or feudalism, or monarchical domination had been allowed by history to supplant the free air of our miraculous representative republic.  Modern life would be unrecognizable in a myriad of ways.

As the ‘Occupiers,’ protest, ‘elitist suppression’ in the very nation that invented classless society and upward mobility, it should be noted that even a purely material appraisal of America’s fruit basket offers ample evidence to the capitalist blessings we enjoy.   Ironically, those shouting Bolshevik slogans and wearing Mao Tse Tung t-shirts (as they defecate on police cars and lob urine bottles at uniformed officers who would be instructed to kill them with impunity in any of the totalitarian states they seem so eager to promote) are ignoring the truth that the bank bailouts they hate so much were a non-solution rooted not in capitalism, but squarely in the soil of the communist ideology they seek to empower.  ‘Too Big to Fail,’ is purest socialism adopted by people enriched beyond words by the very capitalism now being defiled by those too ignorant of history to recognize the difference.  The American Dream is not dead.  It is being short-circuited by mental manipulation and propagandized devolution willingly adopted by a lazy society.

Human potential set loose to soar in the airspace of a genuine free market has the power to shake the world and improve human life in ways even a hashish-addled ‘Occupier’ might recognize.  Since preventing and opposing mass starvation and genocide doesn’t seem legacy  enough to America’s unique superiority to life in the Marxist slaughterhouse,  (watch the video of the two hapless OWS souls arguing the joys of starvation in North Korea….they’ve eaten their children?  Really?  Yes, really.  Look it up.) perhaps good old materialism is more acceptable testimony to capitalist achievement.  Here’s a short list, for our attention deficit friends.

Imagine a world without the glowing screen in front of you at this very moment.  Imagine a world without cell phones and PDA’s and Bell’s wired telephone, before them.  Imagine going without Jobs’ iPads and iPods and Orville Reddenbacher’s microwave popcorn.  Or the microwave to pop it.  Imagine a world without Ford’s automobile and Wright’s airplane and Tesla’s alternating current to heat your home and your mocha latte.  Imagine doing without Marconi’s radio, or Baird and Farnsworth’s television or Hershey’s chocolate.   Imagine winter nights without Edison’s lightbulb, or phonograph (or magnetically inscribed tape for cassette players and VCR’s, and the roots of the digital compact disc and DVD) or the hundreds of less ballyhooed gadgets the Wizard of Menlo Park brought to life that still impact us in ways we don’t acknowledge, or were never taught.  Imagine driving an East German automobile instead of a BMW.  Short of that, imagine deciding whether to eat your child, or your neighbor’s, or both, as thousands did during the designed starvation of Stalin’s, “Holodomor” (murder by hunger) massacre that killed 4-million people in collectivist Ukraine.  Socialism is such an elegant scalpel, isn’t it?

The OWS buffoons, programmed and made ripe subjugates by a system of engineered educational mediocrity are now nothing more than human missiles of anarchy, launched maliciously at the foundations of the only nation that can prevent another dark age in human history.  The enemies of human freedom must not be allowed the political victory this ironic distortion has been engineered to secure.  America alone can protect humanity from the encroaching darkness.  America alone.

It should be our deepest hope and prayer that the misguided souls of the Occupy Wall Street movement will somehow realize that they are victims, not of a merciless money machine bent on unfair consumptive greed, but of their own acquiescence to personal mediocrity and the limitations of a historical perspective hopelessly misshapen by omission of fact.  Redistribution of wealth always leads to an equal distribution of misery and extermination.  We must all hope earnestly that the satanic, anarchical rage festering in our nation’s largest cities will not be enough to foster the dismantling of what has been the crowning achievement of human governance on planet earth.  Just as the burning of the Alexandrian library signaled a barbaric descent in human fortunes, this ideological and physical assault on the ramparts of freedom and the political mandate it is meant to create are overtures to a modern and more sinister dark age from which we might never emerge.

It is up to those who remember history to help mollify the idiot’s march and use this exhibition of ignorance as a spotlight of revelation in unmasking the true demons plotting so deviously against the flesh of humanity.  Rest assured, this movement is shadow-play with deadly purpose.

As our Soviet friend with the video camera said famously well to the two Che Guevara fans defending North Korea’s paradisiacal reputation, “Under capitalism, you prosper, under socialism you die.”

It is a maxim requiring no further confirmation.

Shad Olson is an Emmy Award-winning television anchor and radio host in Rapid City, South Dakota.  The Shad Olson Show is broadcast daily over a network of radio stations and streaming video websites in more than 140 cities and 28 states.  He is a published fiction author, journalist and regular contributor to multiple internet sources, including Life and Liberty Media.

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  1. March 14, 2013 at 9:24 am

    Dear Mr. Olson,
    Ask yourself, “What would the defense of marriage look like if a member of American Mensa took up the challenge?” What if this weirdo were able to argue the case for traditional marriage from a religious perspective and also argue the case for traditional heterosexual monogamous marriage from the perspective of a Darwinian humanist?

    To date, the defense of marriage in courtrooms has been pathetic! The defenders have been unprepared and unimaginative. The homosexual theorists, by contrast, have been shaping public perception for six decades. Their novel paradigms have molded the perspectives of young Americans since birth. Even the President of the United States is the product of this persuasion. Mr. Obama is now carrying water for the Gay Power movement.

    It’s not too late to arm yourself with deeper insights and better arguments for the struggle to save traditional marriage. Read the Mensa guy’s defense of marriage. It’s called The Death of Marriage and it’s the latest essay at WeirdRepublic.com .

    Best wishes,

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