Your tax dollars……………. Hard at work!

Early this year an office building was sold. One of the tenants is a government agency. The rent check now needed to be sent to the new owner. No problem, right??? WRONG!!!!
After MONTHS of emails, phone calls, completed forms and information provided, the government is still sending the rent to the wrong person. Of late, calls to attempt resolve have gone unanswered. Yesterday the previous owner left a message for a government supervisor. No answer. This morning he was successful in arranging a conference call with the three of us. While he and I were listening on the phone, this government supervisor talked with the lady who has been handling (?) this transaction. We listened in disbelief as we heard him say…… “Is this what has been holding up this payment?”…. she affirmed. “But” he said, “Ln. is an abbreviation for LANE”. At this point, the supervisor came back on the line with us to say he would call us later after they got this “figured out”.
Later in the day we were instructed to call a number so they could help us resolve our problem….Which is little more than a change of address.
This is what we heard CLICK HERE ……………….. Tomorrow morning we try again.

Gordon Howie-Rapid City, SD


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