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Is Dissent a Bigger Threat Today Than Terrorism?

imgresMake no mistake, Europeans who stand up to the invasion of Muslim culture into their homelands are to be shunned as a greater evil than the handful of terrorists who threw Paris into a recent panic.  Progressive French society will quickly reclaim its day-to-day composure, just as New Yorkers did after 9-11 or Parisians after the Charlie Hebdo attack.

      You might think that in a democracy which touts freedom of speech that both sides of an issue would be welcomed.  Those in power, however, don’t like to share the “truth” platform, making sure to  persistently avoid, ignore, or reject” all dissenting opinion, as the online dictionary defines the word “shun.” 

       Don’t expect to hear from the political right.  There will be no one interviewed on television unless carefully framed as part of a “hate” group, really the same as the devils who run the Islamic State.  Conservatives, as we’ve come to know them, are okay since they don’t pursue ideas very strongly into ideological realms. 

      With the left in charge, now is the time for compromise and a coming together on the appropriate political turf.  Media-approved group hugs will be enough, especially if supported by 1960s-based songs by icons like John Lennon.  In contrast, those who dare challenge the invasion of Islamic culture into Europe will be forced to share the screen with images of Adolf and Jihadi John.

      It’s too bad that our soccer and football games should be interrupted by the prolonged images of carnage in Paris.  Better to be immersed in the good life represented in commercials, isn’t it?  Besides, wasting time thinking about really big issues is a bummer, especially when nightly news broadcasts will conveniently digest everything into a moderate point of view.


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