Is Karl Rove The New Conscience Of The GOP?

Christians and Tea Party Patriots certainly hope not!

It hasn’t been that long ago that Rove maligned the Tea Party.  Now he is suggesting that the GOP will probably endorse “gay marriage” (note: it’s NOT marriage).

The GOP establishment has worked hard to exclude Tea Party candidates and activists.  With Rove emerging as something of a spokesman, the left-wing of the party may have a new champion.  That may prove to be less than good for the Grand Old Party.

Tea Party types have generally been willing to stick with the GOP when it strayed from sound fiscal policy and when it chose moderates in the last two Presidential elections.  There are a host of other issues like immigration and abortion that have created discontent in the party as well.

The last straw would be the GOP supporting “gay marriage” (note: it’s NOT marriage).  Christians would simple abandon the party and the GOP, which has seen decline in recent years would be destroyed.

Christians have been the first to “stay home” when the GOP ignores them on social issues.  While there has been a small percentage who have been activists in the party for social issues, most Christians are inclined to “recline”… that is to say, stay home on the sofa.  The party can’t afford to lose Christians.  It’s why they have already lost the last two Presidential elections.

If the GOP follows the Rove prediction, believers will simple find the nearest exit.  Goodbye GOP!

***Gordon Howie is a nationally syndicated author, host of Liberty Today TV and CEO of Life and Liberty Media***


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