Smart Putin Knows Refugees Are Destroying Europe

putin refugeesIt’s a canard that the US hasn’t been strong in foreign policy for decades now.  Peace through strength hardly matters anymore, but power vacuums inevitably result.  IS is one of them, ready to act when America pulled out of Iraq (the US announcing its intention well in advance).

    Vladimir Putin is another leader who thankfully takes power when it is handed to him.  When he saw NATO knocking at his western border, he acted decisively, seizing the Crimea and eastern Ukraine as protective buffer zones.  As anyone could see, there was no effective follow-up to US-led “Arab Spring” victories before, the Syrian civil war perhaps the most tragic example.

      So what does Putin hope to achieve through newly empowered air support of his old ally the Assad government?  Strategically, he withheld aid to Syria to allow the refugee crisis to run its course, with millions flooding into western Europe, already destabilized by self-defeating multicultural policies and immigrants.   Putin’s latest military bombing of anti-Assad forces will extend the war, thereby forcing yet more desperate refugees into bewildered western Europe.

       Truth be told, Europe never recovered from WWII.   The 20,000,000 Soviet dead doesn’t necessarily mean that the Russians were weakened.   The intervening decades can gauge the winners and losers.  The Europeans lost their empires, with Britain now just a shadow of what it once was.  America came out the economic winner, but has since squandered it away with mountains of debt and an elected government that is hurriedly transferring wealth to “the wretched of the earth,” to borrow a phrase from American (born Martinique, died Maryland) Frantz Fanon.

merkel      Just as marauding Soviet armies “ethnically cleansed” the German population as they invaded the Fatherland, so too the political cloud of communism drifted over the West.  Socialists now openly run governments in Europe and the US.  Bernie Sanders hides nothing.

      Putin must know that the West’s demographic assault on its own populations is now seen as a socially engineered genocide.  Zero-population-growth policies and abortion were the kiss of death, weren’t they?  The destruction of European Christianity achieved the same.  Now Islam-loyal immigrants are actually being invited into a Europe in its waning years, as if possessed of a terminal cancer with outward beauty belying the stricken corpus.

         So, while well-off ethnic Europeans may think that they have the best pensions and best situated houses, a new aristocracy of sorts—little do they suspect that the tsunami of refugees will create upheavals  in Europe for generations to come.  Cheap labor won’t last that long, and vacation-prone native Europeans may not sustain their early retirements.  Who, really, will take care of the other pending flood, the soon-to-be-geriatric Baby Boomers?

      Putin seems the “smartest guy in the room” these days, but don’t expect swagger from him.  Not for him the voluntary suicidal tendencies of the West, now content with a constant streaming of video and football games, as well other entertainment opiates.  The US is stepping up to the same plate.


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